One Earth


First of all, stay positive.

It is noticeably sad that the virus has spread across the world like fire. It’s sad that so many innocent souls and folks who wanted to do a lot and see a lot in their lives have without a warning, gone away. May they all rest in peace. It is also sad, that we are to be held responsible for taking everything for granted. Let’s just accept it and face that too. We don’t know what is going to happen next, but we should all learn at least a small something from this apocalypse. I feel sorry for everything that is happening all around us.

But suddenly, it’s not ‘your country or my country’ anymore. We have all become one, this earth has become one, and our land has become one. Just like the initial times when there were no partitions, limitations, and boundaries. Suddenly, we are all on the same page, and suddenly, we have all become ‘one’ to protect ‘our earth’ for humanity to be safe and survive happily. Suddenly, we are concerned about people we don’t even know across the earth. I’m glad, that we have started worrying about each other.

The water is now cleaner, the pollution is less, there are no rules broken, no contamination in the air, and the animals are happy in their terrains. The birds are flying without fear, the animals we murdered to eat are getting more days to live, we are all home realizing and understanding the worth of life, and now do you realize those small things you cribbed about is nothing compared to what is currently happening on the outside with people’s lives? This is a huge eye-opener for each one of us. And we must never stop taking measures for a healthy and happy life, no matter where we are. Life is everything.

In this difficult, difficult times, be thankful to the people who are still offering us groceries and supplies. Please take care and start respecting one another. Forgive the one who has ever hurt you and forgive yourself too. Be nice to everyone and forget about the color and race. In these hard times, let us all treat each other as one. We all must be thankful for what we are, and everything that we have. Let’s be wise and not overeat. I feel so sorry for people without homes and shelter and no food. For the stray animals outside with no food. And if you are reading this and are sick, please report to your hospital and the helpline numbers. Don’t hide, don’t keep quiet, this entire human race is with you. And we, love you.

Believe in the law of attraction and let us continue to pray. This is our earth and our sky and only we can take care of it. And let this not be a thing for the past, let’s not forget this. Peace and love to each one of you and in your lives. I’m not saying that I’m a strong person, but do we have a choice right now? Be strong and stay strong, encourage everyone to do so too.


Reggae Collusion: A gig blog.

It was nothing less than a festival for us, for Skank Tribe. I’m very grateful to Rishi, Shubham, and Nischal for inviting me to be a part of Skank Tribe. They are simply amazing, each one with their own unique gift. We have Rishi on the bass, Shubham on the electric guitar and Nischal on the drums. Here are a few pictures from the gig we had at The Finch, Mumbai on 8.23.2019.


Nischal, Rishi, me and Shubham.



I must say the crowd was very reactive and like all times, we did love it to the core. I loved the stage, the ambiance, the staff, the food and everything about it. It was so much fun to be on stage at a new place and give the audience what they came for, also a little bit more with some reggae amazements and a fusion of funk, blues, and rock.


That’s Rishi Rai.



That’s the heart of the band, Nischal.

Reggae doesn’t sound that easy as it sounds like. Itโ€™s a mixture of rock, blues, funk, mento, and RnB. And there are a lot more. It unquestionably is an exciting genre and very thought-provoking if you get to its roots.

Thank you and one love. Also, let’s not forget the legend, Bob Marley.

Image result for pinterest Bob marley

Thank you for reading!


Dear Me.


Saturday, August 17, 2019 ๐ŸŒธ

Dear me,

I see you are very happy. I know this can be read by a lot of people out there, and thatโ€™s okay. Iโ€™m sure no one can be jealous of someoneโ€™s happiness. Well, some may, if they are sad. And if you are the one reading this and you are sad, please take some happiness from me. I like sharing happiness and Iโ€™d be more than happy to make you, happy too. Some days have been good, some days have been just okay, and some days, are gorgeous. Like today, like right now. This very moment as I type, I feel absolutely happy. Iโ€™m a little confused here. I started this letter with โ€˜Dear meโ€™, so am I supposed to continue saying โ€˜meโ€™ or โ€˜youโ€™? Well as long as you can understand, and I would like to make it clear, that this letter is from me, to me. And the โ€˜meโ€™ and โ€˜youโ€™, are also, me. Hehe.

I have this irie feeling inside, and I just don’t know. Umm, let me go back to my morning. I woke up, sipped tea, painted my nails, wore anklets, toe rings, necklaces, etc. On my way to somewhere, I saw some very cute buffaloes. I don’t know if you know, that I love, love, buffaloes. Some people find it weird. I think they are the ones who eat them. I don’t want to comment anything on that. I remember this last blog that I wrote about buffaloes. A guy at a cafe who is my good friend said in front of everybody, ‘Hey! I loved that blog you wrote about buffaloes’. Hehe, such a nice feeling to take someone’s sarcasm as a compliment.

I have a feeling that this letter is going to end like a blog.

And it just did. Goodnight, sweet dreams. And may you take some happiness and go from here. But I do feel really happy right now, which is good. And I feel butterflies in my stomach. And also some tingling feeling. I also feel hungry right now. And sharing about it makes me feel like a teenager. Well, I can’t help it, he makes me feel like a teenager.

Always with myself,







A boring blog.

I think WordPress is for people who are smart like me. Haha am joking. Am just wondering about life and smiling about the things that have happened and are happening.ย  Now if you wanna know ‘what’s happened’, the answer is a lot! And the answer to ‘what’s happening’ is still a lot! This is probably the weirdest something, not a blog, or may it is, I don’t know, that I have ever typed, not even calling it ‘written’. Life is treating me in a way that I’m currently going through these things: I’m happy, I’m blank most of the times like a starfish, I feel sleepy a lot, and also been active a lot lately.ย  At this very moment, I am very bored. Bored as the directory book that looks so boring. The last time I was this bored was two minutes ago. There you go, this is my life update for the croach’s sake.


Goodnight pals.

What I wish people knew about music.


Well first of,ย how I wish I could write music notes, this entire blog would’ve been like – ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽผ.

Anyway, how are you guys! I’ve been lately practicing and trying new genres like reggae, ska, etc. But the blog isn’t about that. It’s about what I have finally been doing ;writing about what music does to me.

It talks.


Takes me away. And even helps and supports. You know, to me it’s difficult to write alot about anything else but life. But music is something that I’ve started looking at as life and thus, the blog.

Each genre or song you hear, is a new person you meet. You can’t hate the entire community simply because you don’t like Justin Bieber’s songs. No offense but this is just an example. Lol. I told myself once that music is the only thing that never hurts you. And of course, it is true. But how come? Is it because it’s a non-living something? Well no, music lives forever including its artists. It’s all around and surrounds you. It lives inside you and supports you even. And it’ll be wrong to say that music can ever hurt you because it doesn’t communicate back with you. Well it does communicate. Sometimes acts like your best friend when you’re happy. And sometimes when you’re too happy! It sometimes even cries with you like a good friend. I think we all have had this day when you needed your best friend, or your lover to be around you because you needed them too much or freaky bad. And since these nerds weren’t available, wasn’t it “music” that stayed with you untill you were alright again?

Everything in this life will come and go away like a shore sooner or later. Including life itself. People, business and even your loved ones. But music never leaves even after you leave and that is why, music is an eternal flame. An eternal love. And life.

If you think you already knew about all these, please keep it alive! And thank you for reading.

Dedicating my favourite blues track in the link below! Have a great day.

Married to the blues – The Nortons




Hmm, coffee.


Guns and roses in the background, Patience.

…a great morning doesn’t necessarily have to start with a cup of coffee or a great cup of coffee. I thought I made nice coffee, but given all the ingredients I still suck. The sucking part, the sucking feeling, is as disgusting as a poor internet connectivity like mine.

FYI daylight saving has ended, one hour early for anything from now on which includes your pooping time, sleeping time and even dates.

Anyhozie, there are many nice things to start your day off with. The first licks of your pet, birds chirping, a phone call from your favorite person and sometimes looking at yourself in the mirror the first thing. If there is anything better for you, that’s good for you. And I can’t keep mentioning all the good things to start off with since am not god.

Are you happy or feeling sad while you’re reading this? If you’re happy, that’s good for you. Spread it. Not legs (to wear that pair of jeans. Wait, do we spread our legs to wear a pair of jeans? How come I don’t remember?). But happiness. And if you’re sad, let me help you a little. Here is a happy poem for you right there (it is or not, I dunno).

Hello Mr. Happiness, why are you so sad?

Your crappiness makes me think you’re nothing but a brat.

A wild one or a cold one, I don’t care and it’s bad,

Lemme sip my coffee and kick your ass to make you bypass.


Have great day fellas. and little peeps. and the stilettos. and the booties ๐Ÿ˜‰







Oh, buffalo, you make me weak ๐Ÿƒ.

For some really odd reason, or prolly the way their eyes look, or their super straight lashes or maybe the way they look at me, lol, I simply love buffaloes. They are so cute. Every time am out around and I see buffaloes being a reason for traffic on the road simply because they’re trying to cross the road, this happens very often out here, we cross roads together once the signal gets on for the walkers, (LOL) I always make sure I take the opportunity, lol yes you read it right, an opportunity to make an eye contact with each buffalo I see. Seriously dude. And I’m safe while I do that since I’m only staring at them from my office cab window, as close as I can possibly get. Not all but few do, wondering wtf does she want. This blog is up because I saw them again today while on my way to work, a gang, a beautiful obstinacy of beautiful buffaloes.

Oh buffaloes, I love you all.

In my past life, if I ever even was, I’m sure I was a buffalo. In my next life, if I ever will be again, I want to be a buffaloย who would belong to a vegan family only for milk purposes, lol what the heck did I just write. I obviously wouldn’t want my life to end getting slaughtered as hell while I enjoy my life being a buffalo with my handsome buffalo boyfriend.

This is how they exactly look at me when I try to look at them.

African Buffalo with calf

Oh, buffalo, you make me weak,

Oh, buffalo, you bring me to my knees.

Asta la vista, going to drink some buffalo milk.

Reminds me haven’t been for a good buff-etย this month.

God, I feel so buffy.

Why is my wifi not buff-ering?

While all the buffaloes are buffalowing,

Me buffing off from here.

Rashmi Duneja Buffalo, BTW.


Hello Weekend!



Middle finger is injured yet typing. Lol, lacking some laugh. So no alarms for the next two days! It is weekend after midnight, and I don’t have any plans for the first time. I do have things to do in my mind which I will tell you later down below. Now am thinking if I already have my plans made since I have decided a few things to do already? Am confused.

Anyway, I want to talk about my day first! It was a lazy dayย in the beginning where I got out of my bed pretty late since I slept late (wrote a poem last night, a naughty one, :P). Poem URL for you, if you:ย Getting ready, just for you.

Then I went and bought myself my favorite coffee, like a small date again, and yet again, with myself only. The best thing about this is it never gets boring, boys do.

Before I divert since I mentioned ”boys”, talking about things I want to do tomorrow. Don’t know which ones would I really do, probably all or none.

First: Makeup tutorial, blog.


Second: Read a book.

Image result for funny book covers
Third: Meet friends and go to a nearby hill.

golden monkeys ... native to highland forests in Central Africa (Uganda, Rwanda & Democratic Republic of Congo) ... these golden monkeys are at the Everland Zoo in Gyeonggi-Do province ... Seoul, South Korea
Fourth: Cook something really good and blog.

New trending GIF on Giphy. pizza obama single ladies. Follow Me CooliPhone6Case on Twitter Facebook Google Instagram LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr Youtube
Fifth: Do absolutely nothing at all and sleep and oversleep all day.

My Monday blog will tell me and you too if I did all that I thought of!

Have a great weekend!


Sister’s day out.

It’s a great Monday afternoon. Spending time since noon with my sister after almost two months! We are together and excited where we had an awesome lunch, some cold coffee and chillng at a very grand patisserie called French window. Not to forget this lovely afternoon with amazing chilled beverages.

This is my sweetheart.


And my bff โค


And this is me.


And our matching watches


And this amazing chicken roulade.



Well, thank you!

This isn’tย really a blog-blog but since it’s somehow still a blog so yeah no problems.

I was just scrolling through my old blog posts including my recent ones, the most recent being like two days back and am so thankful, astounded, surprised and really happy about something, something I saw and has encouraged me more to write down and keep writing more and more for you and me of course.

What did I see? I saw that you all have been sharing my blog posts a lot! Now, this to me seems to be one of the happiest things and I’m really amazed! Looks like I really can write, haha. Well, you made me feel like that not me.

So thank you for sharing my blogs, thank you for reading and understanding them and thank you, for being there like you have! Please keep doing the same, let us continue to share the love and keep inspiring each other!

So, aย XoXo to you, you and also you.

Ending this with a bigger than ever, smile!