Interviewing my brainiac sister.

Hello, my WordPress mates! This is my first 2018 short blog where I’m interviewing my own sister (a funny blog start of the year, I suppose). We haven’t had our sisterly bonding time for quite a while so I texted her a few questions and she had no idea about them getting published. LOL. So this is a surprise for her! I’m telling you they are funny. Let’s check this out!

1: How are you?
Sister: Good.

2: Why do you never listen to me?
Sister: It’s not like I never listen to you, it is only sometimes that I don’t listen to you. Because sometimes I feel that I’m doing things right. Sometimes I feel that I am grown up and I should stop listening to you and do what I think is right.

3: Why are you so lazy?
Sister: I am only lazy at home because home is the only place where I can be lazy.

4: How would you rate your memory? LOL. Memory.
Sister:: 6 out of 10. Why lol?

5: A friend once asked me: Imagine you go to a pizza shop, and you order a pizza, and the waiter asks you if you’d like the large pizza that you’ve ordered cut into eight or twelve slices. What do you choose and why?
Sister: I would ask him to cut into 8 pieces so that I can take them all one by one and finish it off as soon as I can.

6: Any advice for your previous boss? 
Sister: My previous boss was 10 years older to me I never treated him like a boss, in fact, he treated me like a boss because I was younger to him and I should say he is the best Boss I’ve ever had.

Oh god how much I love her intelligence level and her in overall! Question.5 is my favorite! Why don’t you show this to your boss, sister?


That’s my brainiac gem.



Rashmi Duneja



A different contour!

Hello people! Needn’t worry because it’s not anything lonnnggg to read. This time it is going to be just few images of a makeup look I created, on myself ofcourse. Different contouring strokes rather than my usual ones and the results were just the way I wanted, on my not so flawless skin.

My products (Just a few)

Maybelline Duo, for contouring.

Maybelline Nude Pallette

Loreal Mascara

Loreal Illimunating Highlighter

Innisfree Lipstick

Please let me know what you all think 🤔 🙂

 Thank you 😂


Let me begin saying, that in my opinion, I feel that WordPress agrees to take all thoughts and any material published for it believes that we all can acquire from each blog something new. Hence, this blog is about a very renowned person’s thought, who has encouraged me so much and I respect his idea. I am absolutely overwhelmed and inspired by this soul (not mentioning his name because am not getting paid for it, jk ), who had recently given a speech on how to create your own jungle, at home. Interesting isn’t.

So, CREATE YOUR OWN JUNGLE AT HOME. Which basically means that planting trees of various kinds and species around our places we live in can give us great benefits. Well the first question I had was, I live in an apartment, and I don’t have a place to plant trees or grow bush. But we can always find a way for things we want to do! Therefore, I have a verandah and a few places in and out which can cover enough greenery and provide me the benefits! Few I could think of and he mentioned are as follows:

  • 365 days of fresh air– We all know how important fresh air is for our healthy well-being. We also know how fresh air is getting evacuated because of pollution, contamination, smoke, industrial waste, festivals and occasions where crackers are burnt in a sickening manner and amount, etc. But I believe and even you should, that the initial footstep is always taken by you. And the moment you become an inspiration too, the benefit is for all! I am sounding too teacher like I know. Think I’ll be a good mom.
  • Organic Food– I remember as a kid, I once went to my grandmothers’ vegetable garden where I plucked corns, tomatoes, green chilies, and potatoes. Oh, also mint and coriander leaves. This feeling, of sowing seeds and taking care of them and watch them grow, is beautiful. Which is why, the fruits and vegetables it finally bears give you an amazing taste and is free from chemicals (which are always preferable isn’t), and rich in color and taste. I feel that planting veggies and fruits at home are the best way to always find them at home when they are not always or easily available in our market! Growing them at home might be available off seasons too!
  • Living things of different Species– I don’t mean aliens (that was I thought at first), I am talking about those birds who migrate from season to season and from places to places in search for areas to reside, make love and lay and hatch eggs. If you create your own small jungle at home, you never know you might see birds of different species flying straight from somewhere hot to your place! Just visualize, you’re an animal lover and there are birds of all kinds around your home. How do ya feel?
  • Best Summers– During the summers, you would probably be the only being relishing a cool and breezy summer with your greenery neighboring and tall walls of trees. And who doesn’t love beautiful flowers!

Thank you for reading,


Rashmi Duneja.

You are entirely up to you.

I am not sure and I haven’t validated if someone else has ever had similar happenings, BUT, I have learned, that we are not how we were taught we were instructed to be. We are not what we guess we are. Neither we are what our elders, siblings or our acquaintances made us feel we are. We are what we verbally or mentally tell ourselves. 

So, let me start by saying that I recall a stage in my life where I constantly felt weak, not up to the ”standards’‘, very little self-esteem and no self-confidence at all. Every time I saw myself in the mirror, I called myself stupid. My mind would accept and take that word that I called myself and each time when time came where I had to face circumstances and it was my turn to show the type of personality I was, my mind would go for a speedy search and find the first word that cracked- which was ”stupid”. My mind started believing I was stupid.

This basically happened because that was exactly what I always called myself which automatically fed ”stupid” in the inner corners of my brain and if I ever got fed up and wanted to remember something I would always first recall the word ‘stupid’. That’s when I realized something is wrong in my way of mentation. Once while surfing the net I came across a website which would let me know my character type by doing a small 5-minute assessment. The result was a wretched one, it made me lower. I wanted to experiment something within myself to be able to find out what type of person I was. I was not happy.

After many months of being ”stupid” and keeping myself away from what my age individuals were expected to do, I one day ended up, accidently, helping someone. That someone was so glad that after we had a chat and all was done, he called me an angel. It touched me. It was a new word used for me. From that very moment, whenever I would see myself in the mirror, I called myself an angel too and there it was! A difference that I figured out I needed to do to change myself. I gave myself a new positive word every day and reached far beyond where the word ”stupid” had completely been banished from my life. I called myself all the names that were my flaws and weaknesses. I called myself confident, and in public, I would feel confident. I called myself a girl with a sharp memory and while reading and memorizing, I had to make sure I remembered what was required because since I called myself a girl with sharp memory, I didn’t want to let myself down. I was competing with my own self. It helped. What you call yourself is what your mind starts believing it too. And that’s what you eventually become.

This method had made a very positive and a drastic change in my life. Today when I turn behind and look at the other girl that I was and compare, I see a difference like a matured cheese and a wine. I am a different person today who has overcome enough and seen a lot, with a lot of experiences because even though I had a fear, I still went ahead. I changed my own self and became a better person than the old. I believe we all can be a better person if we want to. If you think you are lacking in something, find out and work on it. Rather know yourself than just stay muddled the whole life and die unhappy. And there will be, an ultimate change.

Thank you for being a part of my phase by reading it.

Rashmi Duneja. 

Love, on this Valentine’s Day!


Hello, my WordPress mates, happy Valentine’s Day to you!

On this special day, I wrote a poem for my boyfriend.

Thought I’d be a great idea to share it over here too!

Here it goes.


I have watched the youthful fighter grow,

Flashbacks of you and me which no one else will ever know.

You are a gallant, O fine fellow,

You Evoke the earliest days,

And give sunbeams, showers, and rays.


So in love, love is all around.

You discerned my heart was true,

Like the desert that holds up for dew,

Intertwined to each other’s passions,

You showed me something each day new.


You are a funny bone, seated on father’s throne.

You are the laugh to my joy,

United, we chuckle and enjoy.

So many things are on my mind,

Why you so defined and one of a kind?


As long as there is a spark in your eyes.

You owe truth, and only that applies.

Face to face and hand in hand,

I am your resistance; I will always withstand.

Spread my wings before any unplanned.

I will take a stand.


Creator’s vividness looks livelier.

Irreversible my stay, there is no likelier.

This is destined, this is so damn true,

You be my soldier and me your crew.


I am living for the moment right now,

Picturesque, scenic and not sure how!

Then you kissed me, enigma unconcealed,

From then to blessedness, is what’s been revealed!

Money now please.



Happy Valentine’s Day lover.


By Rashmi Duneja.

My 2016 Resolutions!

Author : Rashmi Duneja

Hello my WordPress mates how are you?! It really feels so worthy to talk about stuffs I want to do and share and talk about everything with you’ll. Really. Am going to talk about here today in how I see myself this year in terms of fashion, makeup, health, etc.

I have started with short straight bangs and that’s really changed my overall look and am loving it. I might keep this look for the whole year until I see something more pleasant. I have few resolutions on doing things the healthier way. Am perhaps going to not care so much about my weight and stuff but yes, clear and healthy-looking skin is important so a healthy regime is already prepared and getting followed. The year so far has treated me well and am thankful as am only getting to hear great news from all over and from people I know and also dreaming really good at night with really great sleep. Since the New Year, I haven’t slept for any less than 8 hours. So that’s a good start.

I am going to stay in touch with my old friends and reconnect with them. And unquestionably going to quit one of the solidest habits ever that is smoking. I haven’t smoked since the New Year eve and want to stick on that promise I made to myself. I have actually thrown away a cigarette I found in my office locker!

A trip to my favorite destination is for sure towards the end of this year with a lot of small trips as well in the interim 🙂 THIS ONE IS A CHALLENGE AND A PROMISE TO ME. I am really looking forward to travel a lot this year. Some nice place abroad with my favorite people.

I want to wear a little makeup throughout the year except some special occasions (only if required). And that shouldn’t be a problem for me because I stayed without makeup completely last year for a couple of months or more ( when that ‘without makeup’ look news and blogs were all over Instagram and other social sites ) and felt a lot better. And prettier 🙂 Along with I would also write more blogs, be sincere and honest and good to everyone!

What’s yours dear readers?

And I wish you ALL a very happy new year 2016, good luck to all and be more awesome than the last year okay!

Your lipstick shape defines you!

Author: Rashmi Duneja

Hello dear bloggers how are you? I was just going through some sites online about cosmetics and make up and bla bla and found out an interesting piece to share with you all! About our lipstick shapes. And they are below. It just defines what kind of a person you are or could probably be. It was kinda exciting to me and thus I took out my daily wear lipstick from my purse and found it identical with the no.6 shape below. Since no one knows myself better than I do, I must say that all the points really suits me or my personality rather.You can check yours too!

  1. Lipsticks_shape_8The Point.


Family oriented, domestic

A “doer”

Stubborn over little things


Needs people around

2.Lipsticks_shape_2The leaning tower of Pisa



Even tempered




3.Lipsticks_shape_4The reclining chair


Enthusiastic, energetic


Loves attention

Falls in love easily


4.Lipsticks_shape_7The double-edged sword

A great detective

Make friends easily





5.Lipsticks_shape_6The Flat Top

To the point

High morals

Very dependable

Quick minded

Loves challenges

Careful about appearances

6.Lipsticks_shape_3 Sharp Angle Tip



Dislikes schedules

Selective of friends

Outgoing likes attention


7.Lipsticks_shape_1 Slant Close to Original Shape

Abides by the rules

Great follower

Doesn’t like too much attention

A little self-conscious, reserved

Schedule driven

May occasionally want to attract

Attention: dye hair, new outfits.

8.Lipsticks_shape_5Rounded tip to a point


Family oriented, domestic

A “doer”

Stubborn over little things


Needs people around

Hope this page got a smile on your face.

‘If only I’d looked harder, maybe I would have found you sooner, Sam.’

Hello guys how are you all? It’s not a fashion or a beauty blog this time! It’s my own love story on how I met someone and fell for him and why I call it an unconditional love and unique and different from all others and very proud of. Before I met him, I had a mistaken belief about love. I believed and also rumored around that love was hard. I thought it left dark circles under your eyes. I thought for certain that love wasn’t worth it. I always thought that people who fall in love are so stupid. Nevertheless, I feel so blissful and blessed now for being able to know what love is, for being able to write a blog on love with my very own opinions, and to know what it surely makes you feel, and how you start feeling optimistic about everything else in the world. No am not crazy. Am just in love with the most amazing person I can ever be. Just one name you hear of that person you adore, and you smile. Just one name and you know why you want to be alive. I just wanted to write and tell the world how proud I’m for having the love of my life because I cannot just keep it to myself. Ill try my best to keep it short!

Okay here it goes, the first time I saw him, he was standing under my friends building few streets away from my apartment. I was with one of my uncle and my sister waiting for a friend from the same apartment where this cute guy stood. We looked at each other for the first time and that lasted until I left the place. It was clear to both of us, that we really, liked each other. It was the weirdest thing! Some weird force that is so much powerful than me moved me to him. I mean, this had never happened to me before. He looked liked someone I wanted to be with. His face was so open and that beard of 3-4 days looked really sexy! He just reflected with some happy aura and his appearance was happiness personified. There was an invisible spotlight on him, a total human cupcake. Then as soon as we left I just turned around and saw him rushing into his bike. He followed us. He probably didn’t approach while we were standing nor I did because of my companies. But then I watched him follow our car for about a lesser than a mile and then he vanished. He undoubtedly wanted to talk is what it looked like. We then went our separate ways. The whole night I couldn’t stop thinking about his face and I didn’t even know him. But I was so certain that I would see him again.

The following day, I told my best fellow, my sister about him. I stated in what way this random but no ordinary dude I saw last sundown has not been able to get going from my thoughts. I had never experienced this way before. It felt like movies and stuff. It felt so good. I surely desired to see him again. That evening we planned for an evening walk to the same place. We strolled and crossed my friends’ apartment and I kept wishing to see him, somewhere! We turned around to walk back home however on the way, I saw a sport bike approaching us. As I watched it coming closer, I became kind of nervy and asked my sister to check if that was him- and there he was. Now I am absolutely off the ground, but still walking. We passed each other without an expression. But when I turned behind, I saw him watching me from his rear-view bike mirror. I turned back continuing the walk and smiled. It felt so worthy, I took a deep breathe and said to myself, wow this is wonderful, kind of miraculous. I felt on top of the world. What I liked about him that day was that he didn’t follow me again. I really liked guys who had some sort of self respect.

A couple of days later we went on our evening walk again to the same place where a black color car stopped right in front of us. What I saw was the same cute guy coming out and I’m like this isn’t really happening. I was so joyful but displayed nothing on my face. He asked for my name and said that he’d heard allot about me. That’s all. We parted ways saying ciao to each other and as soon as I reached home, I put some jazz and recollected what just came about. I was mesmerized by the fact that the guy whom I went really crazy for in just one glance was interested in me too and that he came to me and asked for my name! That was a total spellbound. Very soon we became friends and I often visited his place. The first day he made me coffee. I became close with his flat mates too. But he never really spoke so much. He was really a quiet person, who only smiled. Completely my type. He only observed like if I was right for him or something. He was the odd one from all. That was the kind of guy I was exactly looking for. Good and rough looks, little beard all over, fair, handsome, really who doesn’t chatter, who doesn’t talk garbage! He was far the best one of all. He was different from everyone.

I always felt this from the start that we had some kind of a connection. After few days we shared our numbers. And soon I came to know that he was leaving, for good. Unhappy, I decided to devote the rest of my days with him as really good friends. We never really spoke so much but liked each other a lot. When we were together alone, there used to be complete quietness and one word talks like ‘hey’, ‘okay’, ‘good’ and ‘see ya’. But bit by bit we understood that the time has just come for us to breakdown that big iceberg of our emotions. And soon, we both confessed our feelings towards each other, that evening it rained. We felt exceptional.

I really don’t know about others, but we were always sure that this is going to last, forever. We believed in each other. We recently celebrated our 6th anniversary. I’m so glad I found him. And we promised to keep our love red, always. And so lucky because he is my first. Now he plays with my hair, buys me delicious, fattening food, and does dump things to make me smile a lot more. He loves to irritate me. And finally talks too haha. And loves me allot. And this picture was taken on our first ever date six years ago.


I love you too, Sam.