Let me begin saying, that in my opinion, I feel that WordPress agrees to take all thoughts and any material published for it believes that we all can acquire from each blog something new. Hence, this blog is about a very renowned person’s thought, who has encouraged me so much and I respect his idea. I am absolutely overwhelmed and inspired by this soul (not mentioning his name because am not getting paid for it, jk ), who had recently given a speech on how to create your own jungle, at home. Interesting isn’t.

So, CREATE YOUR OWN JUNGLE AT HOME. Which basically means that planting trees of various kinds and species around our places we live in can give us great benefits. Well the first question I had was, I live in an apartment, and I don’t have a place to plant trees or grow bush. But we can always find a way for things we want to do! Therefore, I have a verandah and a few places in and out which can cover enough greenery and provide me the benefits! Few I could think of and he mentioned are as follows:

  • 365 days of fresh air– We all know how important fresh air is for our healthy well-being. We also know how fresh air is getting evacuated because of pollution, contamination, smoke, industrial waste, festivals and occasions where crackers are burnt in a sickening manner and amount, etc. But I believe and even you should, that the initial footstep is always taken by you. And the moment you become an inspiration too, the benefit is for all! I am sounding too teacher like I know. Think I’ll be a good mom.
  • Organic Food– I remember as a kid, I once went to my grandmothers’ vegetable garden where I plucked corns, tomatoes, green chilies, and potatoes. Oh, also mint and coriander leaves. This feeling, of sowing seeds and taking care of them and watch them grow, is beautiful. Which is why, the fruits and vegetables it finally bears give you an amazing taste and is free from chemicals (which are always preferable isn’t), and rich in color and taste. I feel that planting veggies and fruits at home are the best way to always find them at home when they are not always or easily available in our market! Growing them at home might be available off seasons too!
  • Living things of different Species– I don’t mean aliens (that was I thought at first), I am talking about those birds who migrate from season to season and from places to places in search for areas to reside, make love and lay and hatch eggs. If you create your own small jungle at home, you never know you might see birds of different species flying straight from somewhere hot to your place! Just visualize, you’re an animal lover and there are birds of all kinds around your home. How do ya feel?
  • Best Summers– During the summers, you would probably be the only being relishing a cool and breezy summer with your greenery neighboring and tall walls of trees. And who doesn’t love beautiful flowers!

Thank you for reading,


Rashmi Duneja.


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