Interviewing my brainiac sister.

Hello, my WordPress mates! This is my first 2018 short blog where I’m interviewing my own sister (a funny blog start of the year, I suppose). We haven’t had our sisterly bonding time for quite a while so I texted her a few questions and she had no idea about them getting published. LOL. So this is a surprise for her! I’m telling you they are funny. Let’s check this out!

1: How are you?
Sister: Good.

2: Why do you never listen to me?
Sister: It’s not like I never listen to you, it is only sometimes that I don’t listen to you. Because sometimes I feel that I’m doing things right. Sometimes I feel that I am grown up and I should stop listening to you and do what I think is right.

3: Why are you so lazy?
Sister: I am only lazy at home because home is the only place where I can be lazy.

4: How would you rate your memory? LOL. Memory.
Sister:: 6 out of 10. Why lol?

5: A friend once asked me: Imagine you go to a pizza shop, and you order a pizza, and the waiter asks you if you’d like the large pizza that you’ve ordered cut into eight or twelve slices. What do you choose and why?
Sister: I would ask him to cut into 8 pieces so that I can take them all one by one and finish it off as soon as I can.

6: Any advice for your previous boss? 
Sister: My previous boss was 10 years older to me I never treated him like a boss, in fact, he treated me like a boss because I was younger to him and I should say he is the best Boss I’ve ever had.

Oh god how much I love her intelligence level and her in overall! Question.5 is my favorite! Why don’t you show this to your boss, sister?


That’s my brainiac gem.



Rashmi Duneja




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