Hmm, coffee.


Guns and roses in the background, Patience.

…a great morning doesn’t necessarily have to start with a cup of coffee or a great cup of coffee. I thought I made nice coffee, but given all the ingredients I still suck. The sucking part, the sucking feeling, is as disgusting as a poor internet connectivity like mine.

FYI daylight saving has ended, one hour early for anything from now on which includes your pooping time, sleeping time and even dates.

Anyhozie, there are many nice things to start your day off with. The first licks of your pet, birds chirping, a phone call from your favorite person and sometimes looking at yourself in the mirror the first thing. If there is anything better for you, that’s good for you. And I can’t keep mentioning all the good things to start off with since am not god.

Are you happy or feeling sad while you’re reading this? If you’re happy, that’s good for you. Spread it. Not legs (to wear that pair of jeans. Wait, do we spread our legs to wear a pair of jeans? How come I don’t remember?). But happiness. And if you’re sad, let me help you a little. Here is a happy poem for you right there (it is or not, I dunno).

Hello Mr. Happiness, why are you so sad?

Your crappiness makes me think you’re nothing but a brat.

A wild one or a cold one, I don’t care and it’s bad,

Lemme sip my coffee and kick your ass to make you bypass.


Have great day fellas. and little peeps. and the stilettos. and the booties πŸ˜‰








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