My 2016 Resolutions!

Author : Rashmi Duneja

Hello my WordPress mates how are you?! It really feels so worthy to talk about stuffs I want to do and share and talk about everything with you’ll. Really. Am going to talk about here today in how I see myself this year in terms of fashion, makeup, health, etc.

I have started with short straight bangs and that’s really changed my overall look and am loving it. I might keep this look for the whole year until I see something more pleasant. I have few resolutions on doing things the healthier way. Am perhaps going to not care so much about my weight and stuff but yes, clear and healthy-looking skin is important so a healthy regime is already prepared and getting followed. The year so far has treated me well and am thankful as am only getting to hear great news from all over and from people I know and also dreaming really good at night with really great sleep. Since the New Year, I haven’t slept for any less than 8 hours. So that’s a good start.

I am going to stay in touch with my old friends and reconnect with them. And unquestionably going to quit one of the solidest habits ever that is smoking. I haven’t smoked since the New Year eve and want to stick on that promise I made to myself. I have actually thrown away a cigarette I found in my office locker!

A trip to my favorite destination is for sure towards the end of this year with a lot of small trips as well in the interim 🙂 THIS ONE IS A CHALLENGE AND A PROMISE TO ME. I am really looking forward to travel a lot this year. Some nice place abroad with my favorite people.

I want to wear a little makeup throughout the year except some special occasions (only if required). And that shouldn’t be a problem for me because I stayed without makeup completely last year for a couple of months or more ( when that ‘without makeup’ look news and blogs were all over Instagram and other social sites ) and felt a lot better. And prettier 🙂 Along with I would also write more blogs, be sincere and honest and good to everyone!

What’s yours dear readers?

And I wish you ALL a very happy new year 2016, good luck to all and be more awesome than the last year okay!

Your lipstick shape defines you!

Author: Rashmi Duneja

Hello dear bloggers how are you? I was just going through some sites online about cosmetics and make up and bla bla and found out an interesting piece to share with you all! About our lipstick shapes. And they are below. It just defines what kind of a person you are or could probably be. It was kinda exciting to me and thus I took out my daily wear lipstick from my purse and found it identical with the no.6 shape below. Since no one knows myself better than I do, I must say that all the points really suits me or my personality rather.You can check yours too!

  1. Lipsticks_shape_8The Point.


Family oriented, domestic

A “doer”

Stubborn over little things


Needs people around

2.Lipsticks_shape_2The leaning tower of Pisa



Even tempered




3.Lipsticks_shape_4The reclining chair


Enthusiastic, energetic


Loves attention

Falls in love easily


4.Lipsticks_shape_7The double-edged sword

A great detective

Make friends easily





5.Lipsticks_shape_6The Flat Top

To the point

High morals

Very dependable

Quick minded

Loves challenges

Careful about appearances

6.Lipsticks_shape_3 Sharp Angle Tip



Dislikes schedules

Selective of friends

Outgoing likes attention


7.Lipsticks_shape_1 Slant Close to Original Shape

Abides by the rules

Great follower

Doesn’t like too much attention

A little self-conscious, reserved

Schedule driven

May occasionally want to attract

Attention: dye hair, new outfits.

8.Lipsticks_shape_5Rounded tip to a point


Family oriented, domestic

A “doer”

Stubborn over little things


Needs people around

Hope this page got a smile on your face.


Neelam Johal has arrived. A psychology student in her latest campaign face, posing alongside actor Jamie Campbell Bower and teen aristocrat Lady Jean Campbell. She’s 19.

Besides being a striking model,Johal is the first Indian model Burberry’s ever cast in a fashion campaign. Plus, it seems Johal is a budding fashion blogger.

Neelam Johal on the Burberry spring 2014 runway, and with Harry Styles backstage.

How to dress like a New Yorker


The dress’ part 2!

First there was The Dress. Then came The Hair. Now we have The Shoe! What’s next? What do you think?

This nail polish trying to match these matching pumps are all over again.

It all started with a simple question from Twitter user @totallymendes, “Which color matches the shoes the best?” There are two colors of nail polish and they are being held next to a high-heeled shoe. At first many have said the right one goes perfect and then the left! It’s very confusing.

Are you still thinking? I think the answer is neither, jk. But we all need to know what we are thinking!

I say, ummm left. What about you?

Will Dark Lipstick Ever Rule the World?

Dark lips tend to look fantastic and adds a rich glamorous look. It looks astonishing and sexy with white or light clothes. It complements your glamorous look. I had only imagined myself in dark lipstick shades and I finally tried a dark lipstick shade on me and I don’t regret it. Am really glad and couldn’t wait to post a new blog about dark lipstick colors. I wore a dark plum shade which needed only a few coats of mascara and a thin line of black liner on top. The key to dark lipstick is to trace the lips perfectly. Many of my girlfriends are not sure about trying this out, just the way I was and maybe even you. I think we can surely give it a try keeping in mind our skin tones. It’s important to choose the right dark color shade for our lips. I looked really hilarious with black! I have a fair skin however, dark plum looked amazing. Lipsticks with dark shades can be really daring and exciting. And everyone can look glamorous with a dark shade if chosen right!

Men may come and go, but lipstick remains forever!

Doing perfumes the right way.

Why moisturizer is sexy! – Before applying the fragrance on my skin, I moisturize the area properly and that’s because it has been observed that a perfume diffuses well and stays on for a lot time extra when applied on moisturized skin!  That’s unbelievably true. And in fact if you have an oily skin, perfumes will stay on your skin for a longer period (and guess what I have an oily skin).

The only park resource you’ll ever need– Whenever you visit a park or any other natural place, do not wear fragrances having floral notes. And that’s because such fragrances may attract insects and flies towards you which sounds funny but that’s true. I can only imagine that am on a date and my date watching me with flies around.

Why strongest smells ain’t as good as they used to be– Because we apply in on wrong places! Perfumes when applied on the neck, wrist, crooks of arms and behind the ears tend to give the strongest smell. The “pulse points” are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots emanate heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air.

Perfumes in the fridges could help you win!– People who already know this will be okay to read these lines -The best place to store fragrance is in the fridge. This will help to keep it fresh much longer for years even!

Spray it on if you’re upset! – Scientific studies have shown that there is a strong relation between perfumes and our emotions. So wearing the right fragrance really can put you in a better mood.  And I think that really works!

”A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”


Why summer makeup is cuter than a kitten!

We know it’s really a bothersome and frustrating when our makeup starts melting in summer. Summer certainly means we are going to sweat and meet that damp moisture. Arrrghh!

I am all set and prepared to try all the lively colors and fuchsia is summer’s go-to lipstick shade. And not to disremember my favorite orange-tinted pout. My great Chambor lipstick (#167 Orange Flambé). This season enhances and really shows off our facial features and prettiness.

My makeup must haves during summer is an SPF cream (above 30), a shiny lip gloss, an eye-curler and a blush. I like to keep it natural all the time. With my mane, it’s regularly always up with tight or loose buns.

Summer is all about a beachy, pinky glow or totally nude. My makeup mantra for summer is to keep it neat, pink and light. The smaller the makeup, the healthier results it gives. After all, is there anything worse than a melting smoky eye?

Stay sunny and cute with makeup this summer!